24 October 2023

Uli Hacksell

Born: 1950
Nationality: Swedish

Education and professional experience: Uli Hacksell worked in the pharmaceutical industry and for biotechnology companies for 30 years. As CEO of San Diego-based ACADIA Pharmaceuticals (2000-2015), he led its development, from a private start-up company to a multi-billion-dollar public company, and also led the development of the first and only approved drug for psychosis in Parkinson’s patients. Since then, he has been CEO of Cerecor and Medivir. During the 1990s, Hacksell held senior positions within Astra’s R&D organisation, including as CEO of Astra Draco. Prior to that, he was a professor of organic chemistry at Uppsala University, where he also defended his thesis. He has published over 200 scientific articles.
Other assignments: Chairman of the board at Medivir and SynAct Pharma, and board member at InDex Pharmaceuticals Holding and Active Biotech.

Independent in relation to the Company and its management as well as in relation to the Company’s major shareholders.
Shareholding in the Company: 210 000 shares