24 October 2023

Mårten Österlund

Born: 1957
Nationality: Swedish

Education and professional experience: Mårten Österlund has worked in the Swedish biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry as head of business development and a member of the management team at established companies such as KaroBio AB (now KaroPharma), Affibody AB, Meda AB (now Viatris) for a total of more than 30 years, he has solid experience and knowledge within the field of life science. Österlund has been actively involved in and carried out a number of licensing purchases and sales, as well as purchases of products and companies, for example Rottapharm (purchase price SEK 21.2 billion). He has a background as a chemist, has a PhD in molecular biology at Uppsala University, and has carried out research in neurobiology at the Pasteur Institute in Paris.
Other assignments: Board member at Pharma Way AB, Neobiomics AB and Unimedic Pharma Holding AB.

Independent in relation to the Company and its management as well as in relation to the Company’s major shareholders.
Shareholding in the Company: No shares