20 June 2023

Anna Frostegård

Born: 1973
Nationality: Swedish
Position: Co-founder and inventor since 2014. Chief Scientific and Medical Officer since 2016.

Education and professional experience: Anna Frostegård, MD, PhD, Licensed Physician, is a globally educated Licensed Physician who earned her Doctor of Medicine degree summa cum laude and earned her Doctor of Philosophy degree in Experimental Medicine from Karolinska Institutet. She has served as an Assistant Professor at the Unit of Immunology and Chronic Disease and has more than 10 years’ experience in translating academic discoveries into the development of biological drugs. Anna is one of the inventors and co-founder of Annexin Pharmaceuticals and is an expert in Annexin A5, vascular inflammation and cardiovascular diseases.

Shareholdings in the Company: 5 783 918 shares indirectly through Medirista AB and 150 000 share option rights serie 2022/2025