Business model and strategy

Annexin Pharmaceuticals is a global leader in the Annexin A5 area for the treatment of diseases. The strategy is to perform proof of concept/Phase 2 studies with ANXV in indications such as RVO and cancer in order to maintain and further strengthen that position.

From research to patients

The business model is to obtain at least proof of efficacy of ANXV in the focus indications, currently ophthalmology and immuno-oncology, and enter into collaboration and licensing with other companies.

Development risks are minimised and the value of the ANXV programme is optimised before partnership, licensing or sale.  The strategy is to work within indications where ANXV could fill a gap, where there is a medical need for the patients, but also where there is an incentive for investments. There are numerous medical indications where ANXV potentially can be a therapeutic product and fill the medical need of the patients.